Juliette Emonts
La Femme Creative
What is a profession called that combines such different aspects as planning, organizing, creating, teaching, designing, writing, photographing?
Not sure, but I wanted to do all of the above for a living, so that’s why I set up this business as a virtual assistant, to be able to carry out my many different skills and talents, while helping Creative Professionals to get on with their business and pursue their goals while I manage their multiple projects.
As a native from Belgium who has lived in 4 different countries on 2 continents, grew up bilingual in German and French and become native-level fluent in English, I am familiar with different cultures and ways of living. I apply this as well as my experience gained during my corporate life to my work.
Since I was a child I greatly enjoyed to be creative, and my vivid imagination led me to write stories and illustrate them. I love design, photography, digital art, reading and writing, and I am also obsessed with planning and organization.
I am known to be extremely loyal and reliable, hence I thrive to to carry out every task and project with great attention to detail and with utmost care and quality.
My background is technical, and I spent the majority of my corporate professional life in the automotive industry where I gained valuable experience in project management as well as communication with customers and suppliers.
However, I believe that life is a constant and never-ending learning curve, and I discover something new every day. I always try to apply this in my personal and professional life.

My motto is Create a Life that You Love to Wake up to
Thank you!